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Customers – Testimonials

When we were introduced to Eagle Electronics in the late part of 2008 I figured that it would just be another board shop. Since then Eagle has proven itself with the highest quality, superb on time delivery and a willingness to work with us and assist in every way. Customer service at its best !! Sales have increased with each year that has passed. I see this happening continually as we continue grow as well. I have since passed the PCB torch to the two new Program Buyers here and they love placing PO’s with Eagle knowing that they will be taken good care of.
Working with Eagle Electronics is a pleasure and it is a relief knowing that we have a partner that we can count on.
Thank you,
Rick Wilder
Materials Manager
MC Assembly

Eagle Electronics’ commitment to quality and on time delivery, while maintaining competitive pricing, is an invaluable asset to us. Working in new product development, it is essential to have a supplier that is flexible enough to keep up with our ever changing needs while maintaining the highest level of quality and on time delivery. Regardless of our design’s layer count, copper weight, or schedule, Eagle has consistently met or exceeded our requirements. Eagle’s intense commitment to meeting the customer’s needs has earned my respect and trust. Working with Eagle is a pleasure and it is a relief knowing that we have a partner that we can count on. Once Eagle earned my trust, I informed other divisions of their great qualities. Now many other divisions Globally are working with Eagle and express similar gratitude.
Thank you,
Jim Johnston
Design Manager
APC – A Schneider Electric Company

Eagle has and will continue to be an extension of Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions for our board build. They support our quick turn requirements as well as the high volume production PCB builds. The quality of their product has passed through our Quality Department at 100%. Their on time delivery is 100%. If there is a problem, Eagle goes to bat without question and makes it right using whatever resources it takes, to make it painless for the customer. A high recommendation comes from IMS!
Thank you,
Amy Meisel
Senior Buyer
Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions